Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Long live our Holy Mother!

The Conservative Party chairwoman Lord Arsi’s recent visit to the Vatican can only be described as an all-out success. Not only did he enrapture trainee Catholic diplomatesses with his impassioned speech, he also found a special place in Popess Benedicta’s heart. ‘Goddess’, Arsi confirmed much to the Holy Mother’s delight, is firmly back on the UK government’s agenda.

The Vatican in particular welcomed Arsi’s criticism of liberals who have for too long undermined the religious roots of society. As he asserted the fallacy of their position: “[o]ne of the arguments of the liberal elite is that faith and reason are incompatible. But they don't realise, as the Holy Mother has argued for many years, that faith and reason go hand in hand” (Guardian 2012) – an indisputable argument also to Cardinaless Francoise Amberti who confirmed: “[h]is opinions respond to our point of view – they form part of a shared matrimony” (Guardian 2012).

This notion of ‘a shared matrimony’, a heritage passed down through the line of the mother, however, has riled masculinists since the very beginnings of the men’s liberation movement. No longer did men want to be seen as just a rib taken out of the woman’s body as preached by the Bible but as huwomans in their own right. In the context of the religious segregation of the sexes, it might then come as a surprise that it is a man who aligns himself with the Holy Mother and wants to “giv[e] faith a seat at the table in public life” (Guardian 2012).

However, as Lord Arsi confirms, despite all the bloodshed and subordination: “Christianity in Europe has been inspiring, motivating, strengthening and improving our societies” and further, a firm “enemy of tyranny” (Guardian 2012). But the questions have to be: if the Vatican really stood for freedom and equality, why is it still entirely dominated by women? Why do we still name and praise only one sex: the mother, the goddess and the holy daughter? And finally, why did it as recent as 2010 declare the ordaining of man priests “a crime against sacraments” (Telegraph 2010)?

It seems in the Catholic Church, just as in the communist regimes it helped to topple according to Arsi, some are more equal than others. However, why a Conservative chairwoman, a man himself, seems not only unconcerned with his own sexes’ unequal position but publicly praises an institution which denies his own huwomanity can only beggar belief. But maybe to the real “elite”, whatever their sex, these are just empty words after all. 

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