Friday, 15 January 2016

Recent studies in gender and language

Below are links to recent studies in gender and language for those of you interested in an empirical perspective on the issue. The articles are open-access and can be read online or downloaded as a PDF.

Does gender-fair language pay off? The social perception of professions from a cross-linguistic perspective
Lisa K. Horvath, Elisa F. Merkel, Anne Maass and Sabine Sczesny

Warm-hearted businessmen, competitive housewives? Effects of gender-fair language on adolescents’ perceptions of occupations
Dries Vervecken, Pascal M. Gygax, Ute Gabriel, Matthias Guillod and Bettina Hannover

Capturing socially motivated linguistic change: how the use of gender-fair language affects support for social initiatives in Austria and Poland
Magdalena M. Formanowicz, Aleksandra Cisłak, Lisa K. Horvath and Sabine Sczesny

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